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Online Membership Application

Online Membership Application Becoming a member of Cebu CFI COOP has never been this easy and so convenient. Gone are the days when an applicant is required to personally visit a CFI…

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CFI: The Health Plan of Tomorrow

  No one plans to get sick or hurt, and medical exigencies are unpredictable that can cause financial upheaval too much to handle. But, with a Health Plan with CFI you’re more…

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Look: Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia registers with CFI e-Services

Cebu’s beloved Mother and Governor Gwendolyn “Gwen” Garcia, is undoubtedly the most powerful female forces today, and she humbly expressed her delight in how she was able to register with CFI e-Services….

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The CFI Dialysis Center now officially open

Cebu CFI Community Cooperative marks another milestone today as the only cooperative in the Philippines that has a dialysis center for its members. CFI is aiming to improve accessibility to life-sustaining dialysis…

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Amenities of the 32-story Esperanza Towers

  Esperanza Towers have redefined urban living. In addition to a good location, ample indoor and outdoor space, and the view of your dreams, you might also want to have a  bunch…

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Perspective Designs of Studio Units in CFI’s Esperanza Towers

The architect’s perspective of how a studio unit will look like in Esperanza Towers, a 32 Story condominium project of Cebu CFI COOP. The perspective shows how it looks as it goes…

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CFI e-Services: Selfie Authentication as a security factor

As high-tech mechanisms and innovations proliferate, they bring with them more options for security. CFI has found a way to use devices and built-in cameras, urging members to take self-portraits for authentication…

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CFI Website One of the Most Comprehensive in the Country   Not a lot of CFI members know CFI has one of the most comprehensive and useful website in the country. Very…

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ESPERANZA TOWERS A 32-Storey CFI Condominium Project   Architect William Ti, a renowned Philippine architect, has just come up with the preliminary designs of the 32-storey condominium building of CFI to be…

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CFI : The Health Plan of Tomorrow

Look: Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia registers with CFI e-Services

The CFI Dialysis Center now officially open

Amenities of the 32-story Esperanza Towers

Here’s a Glimpse of the Esperanza Towers Lifestyle

CFI e-Services: Selfie Authentication as a security factor.

CFI member, Joana Marie Tulin, proudly showing her successful application for a CFI loan through her mobile phone using CFI e-services.

Meet Janina, Jovy, Jeanel and Chelyn. These are the women of the CFI Helpdesk who manage ticketed messages from members and see to it they are acted upon within 72 hours.

President/CEO Ophelia Morales, CSD Manager Rheamae Paran, Division Chief Dennis Mantella, and Gemaila  Alvarado participated in a live Facebook talkathon conference with members last Tuesday June 2, 2020.

Family members amazed at the new CFI e-services where they can view their statement of account, withdraw their deposit, applied for loans, and even update their member profile without leaving their homes.

The CFI dialysis center is equipped with the most modern dialysis machines and patients are provided with private cubicles and individual TV sets for their convenience and comfort.

     The Facade of Esperanza Towers, a  32-Storey Condominium project of CFI. Construction will start once detailed plans will be completed


The faces of the CFI call center when you call 032 255-2525

The Newly repainted main bldg of CFI which is undergoing a major renovation.

Chairman Winston Garcia with members of the CFI Board handed 2 truckloads of canned goods to Gov. Gwen Garcia for the residents of Cebu Province affected by the COVID crisis. It was also witnessed by Cong. PJ Garcia.

CFI Vice-Chairman Atty Lito Astillero and CFI director Atty Dinsay handed 2 truckloads of canned goods to City Mayor Edgardo Labella as the Coop’s contribution for the affected Cebu City residence of the COVID crisis.



CFI has recently launched a loan restructuring program for all forms of loans that have been declared in default.

The program will be under the following terms and conditions:
All accumulated penalties will be waived.

1. The unpaid principal and accumulated interests will be payable in 60 equal monthly installments at an interest rate of 10% per annum. No down payment will be required.
2. Member’s suspension from enjoying loan privileges and other services will resume after payment of 30% of the principal balance.

The loan restructuring program will give relief to members who want to update their accounts with CFI but do not have the capacity to make a one-time payment of their defaulted obligations. Besides, the liberal restructuring program will spare the member from the grave consequences of having a loan in default.

Aside from the expensive court litigation, and pursuant to Republic Act 9510, the defaulted account will be submitted to the Credit Information Corporation  (CIC) resulting in backlisting of the member as to his creditworthiness with financial institutions in the country.

Further, and pursuant to Article 60 of Republic Act 9520, otherwise as to the Cooperative Code of the Philippines, any deposit of the defaulting member in any bank in the country can be attached to answer for the unpaid obligation to the cooperative.

Interested members are encouraged to visit any CFI office for further details. They may also use the Help Desk facility by clicking the Contact Us button on this page or go to the CFI website at


The CFI Help Desk is a support facility intended for the exclusive use of the CFI COOP members.

In order to prevent unauthorized use, the member using the Help Desk must enter his First name, Last name, and date of birth as registered in the CFI database.

Any mismatched entry will cause the message to be rejected by the system. So, please ensure that the mentioned personal details entered in the Help Desk system are the same as those provided by the member for registration to the CFI.

The CFI Help desk can be accessed in this page

The most uniques feature of the CFI Help desk is its ability to inform the member through text or email messages the action done on his case or concern.

The member can also track the status of his case by logging in the ticket number assigned ticket in the track facility provided for in the Help desk.

With CFI E-Services?

Some members encountered difficulties in registering for the CFI E-Services. If you are one of them, please click this link to view the tutorial video on how to register.
However, if you still encounter problems, these are the possible reasons and their solutions:1. The name and/or date of birth are not the same name or date of birth registered in the CFI database.
Solution: Ensure that the data entered in the registration page such as first and last names as well as the date of birth are the data you actually submitted to the CFI for registration.

If you still encounter the same problem, call the CFI call center at (032) 255 2525 and ask the call center agent for the exact name and birth date as registered in the CFI database or email CFI at [email protected] and explain your problem.
b.You might have registered yourself in two or more branches. The system will immediately reject an application when a member is registered more than once in the CFI Database.
Solution: Call CFI through its call center at (032) 255 2525 or use the Help Desk facility of CFI at its website at and request for assistance in registering for the CFI E-Services. CFI personnel will contact you to give assistance.
c.Your mobile number is not registered in the CFI Database.

Solution: Click the update button located in the lower portion of the login page and register your mobile number. You will receive a one- time passcode on your mobile phone which you must enter in the space provided in the application. At the same time, you will be required to take a photo of yourself using the camera in your computer or phone, Do not forget to touch any of your ears while taking a selfie. This is a security feature. Then wait for a maximum of 48 hours for the update to take effect and after which, you can now register.

So, for those having problems with their registration for the CFI E-Services, take note of the possible reasons and the suggested solutions.

Your successful registration for the e-services will surely place your CFI Coop at the flick of your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. See you there.











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