Esperanza Towers have redefined urban living. In addition to a good location, ample indoor and outdoor space, and the view of your dreams, you might also want to have a  bunch of super chic amenities.

This 32-storey condominium will rise along Juan Osmena St., Capitol Site, a strategic location filled with different establishments that cater to residents, office workers, and CFI Members. Esperanza Towers is curated for life’s various phases and passion, adapting to man’s evolving lifestyle. A condominium treading towards tech-readiness and easy-living.

The Social Hall and Meeting Rooms set the tone and the corporate image. Well-equipped conference and meeting rooms, provide a number of cutting edge facilities big enough to comfortably accommodate a large number of guests and attendees. It will be easy to maneuver around during small and private events, business conferences, banquets, various festivities. Every milestone is going to happen here and people will talk about it for years.

Topping your wish list will be a gym since people these days are more conscious of their health more than ever before. Having a fitness center in a residential community and condominium is just another bonus. Residents need not go out when a physical fitness center is available in the building, where they can stay fit and meet with the same health and fitness passion.

Since we live in a sunny climate, you can now often dream of taking a dip after work or make Sunday special with your family, as part of our goal to make life easier as well as more enjoyable. If you’re an avid swimmer, you’re definitely going to want this at the top of your fitness routine. Swimming is proven to be extremely relaxing, both physically and mentally, and you can relieve the week-long stress and expand your relationships in your condo community.

Esperanza Towers have redefined the working culture, as it will thrive to co-working spaces open to a range of employees, freelancers, companies, ventures, and projects. We have created a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience flourishing than their office-based counterparts.

What else should you look for in eyeing your next home? Visit our official website at and check out Esperanza Towers.

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  Esperanza Towers have redefined urban living. In addition to a good location, ample indoor and outdoor space, and the view of your dreams, you might also want to have a  bunch…

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