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Have a question or complaint you want your CFI COOP to address? Want to follow up on a transaction with CFI? Not sure if those concerns will actually reach CFI and immediately acted upon.

Worry no more. Introducing the new CFI Help Desk.

Now each and every question or concern raised by our members will surely be answered and we will make sure they will know about it. In order to access it, a member needs only to go to, and once there, click the Help Desk button to enable him to write his concerns to CFI.

In order to ensure that the particular case of a member is recorded and will be attended to, a ticket number will be assigned to the case. This ticket number will be used to monitor its status up to the final resolution.

But the help Desk does something more than what other Help desks can do. One of the most innovative features of the CFI Help desk is its ability to inform the concerned member of all actions taken by the CFI on his particular case. The member with an assigned ticket number will receive periodic email messages from the system for every action done on his case.

In addition, he can personally track the status of his case by simply logging in the ticket number assigned to his case in the same CFI help Desk.

That is how simple and convenient it now is!

So, if you have any question or concerns with CFI, never hesitate to visit its Help Desk. It will always be there to help you anytime and anywhere.

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