Any natural person can be a member of the Cebu CFI Community Cooperative provided he/she possess the following:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be a Filipino Citizen
  • If living abroad, must be a natural-born Filipino Citizen with a residence of the Philippines
  • Must be able to validate enter into a contract
Pre-Membership Seminar
Application Form and Supporting documents
Health Plan
Dues / Share Capital

Rights of Membership

  • equal voting rights with other members regardless of the amount of share capital contribution.
  • To avail of all services and facilities of the COOP such as loans, tax-free interest income on deposits, whether savings or time and participation in the COOP’s Health fund called the MMAF.
  • To invest in a tax-exempt dividend-bearing share capital equity participation in the COOP’s capital base.
  • To be informed of the financial status of the cooperative
  • To attend and participate in all general and special meetings for the membership
  • To have access to information on all policies, guidelines rules and procedures affecting membership rights and interests.

Duties and Responsibilities of Membership

  • To pay promptly the annual membership dues
  • To settle promptly all outstanding obligations with the COOP
  • To maintain a current record of all personal data in the CFI database
  • To be regularly informed of new policies, procedures, news or events concerning COOP matters by regularly accessing the COOP’s website and online social media pages.
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