The CFI has an existing partnership with MLhuillier, a well-known money center in the Philippines with 2.500 outlets spread all over the country.

Under the terms of their partnership, any CGI member can now transact with CFI through any of the 2,500 outlets of MLhuillier. These transactions are the following:

  1. Apply or renew a loan
  2. Apply to withdraw a deposit
  3. Pay a CFI loan or an outstanding account

To be able to do so, a member must first download and print the prescribed form at the CFI website and fill up all the blank fields. He will then have to have his photo taken at the MLuillier outlet which will be submitted electronically to the CFI together with the application form.

For payment of loans, all that will be required is are the following:

  1. The payee must be in the name of Cebu CFI Community Cooperative
  2. The payor must be in the name of the member for whose loan account is to be paid
  3. A particular type of loan or account must be specifically stated.



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